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Sunsilk - Shampoo - Coconut Hydration - 170 ML
Sunsilk - Shampoo - Coconut Hydration - 170 ML

Coconut has been a popular hair care product for ages, especially for dry hair. However,
the unwanted smell makes people keep from using it. Today, you can enjoy the benefit
of coconut while keeping your hair fragrant with Sunsilk shampoo coconut hydration. It
has coconut water, vitamins, and minerals that gently cleanse your hair keeping it fresh
and hydrated all day. Order your 170-ml bottle of Sunsilk shampoo coconut hydration

About Unilever

Unilever is a trusted global company with products available in over 90 countries. The
company has over 400 brand names and this includes Sunsilk which helps every young
girls dream of having healthy hair through a care routine using a trusted hair care

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