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Super Q - Golden Bihon - Cornstarch Sticks - 16 OZ
Super Q - Golden Bihon - Cornstarch Sticks - 16 OZ

Super Q Golden Bihon is a popular brand of Cornstarch Stick or Bihon in the Philippines. Hailed as the original, Super Q Golden Bihon is firm to the bite when cooked. Just wash the bihon and add to the boiling water until tender. Add your favorite veggies to this bigger Super Q Bihon in box and other toppings to enjoy with friends and family.

About Ngosiok Marketing

Ngiosok Marketing is a manufacturer and distributor of bihon and noodles based in Cebu City Philippines. The company carries the brands Super Q, Goldden Q, Yellow Q, Long Life, Q1, First Choice. Ngosiok is also into pasta, oats, beans, sago, and popcorn carrying the brands Ideal, Sunshine, Sunmac, and Australian Harvest.

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