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Taiwan Village - Boba Milk Tea - Nougat Biscuit - 120 G
Taiwan Village - Boba Milk Tea - Nougat Biscuit - 120 G
Enjoy a new line of boba snacks with a delicious boba milk tea nougat biscuit. This amazing snack will give you a whole new experience of snacking with the savory taste of its green onion biscuit mixed into the sweet taste of its boba and nougat filling. One sure
way to enjoy its unique taste is to microwave each individually wrapped biscuits for about 15 seconds to bring out the gooeyness of the nougat. Pair this new, delicious, and unique biscuit with your favorite boba milk tea flavor or any beverages available.Order your 120-gram pack of Taiwan VIllage boba milk tea nougat biscuit now and let your snacking experience reach to a new level.

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