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By: Tang
Tang -Mango Flavored - Juice Powder Drink Mix - Sachet - 20 G
Tang -Mango Flavored - Juice Powder Drink Mix - Sachet - 20 G

Quench your thirst for a fruit flavored beverage and enjoy a distinct taste with each glass of your Tang juice drink. Tang has various flavors and that includes mango. When thirsty for mango, simply open a sachet of Tang Mango powder mix and add cold water and ice to enjoy. Order your 25-grams sachet of Tang Mango Flavored Juice Powder Mix Sachet now.

About Mondelez

Mondelez International is a young company founded on October 1, 2012. However, Mondelez is a mergent of various companies that were founded 100 years back. It has Chiclets, founded in 1927. Among the many brands under Mondelez International is Tang which was founded in 1957.

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