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Temple - Red Bean Curd - 180 G
Temple - Red Bean Curd - 180 G

The use of bean cake or red bean curd.are endless. It enhances the taste and texture of your food. Fermented bean curd are widely used to add flavor to soups, vegetables, and meat dishes. Fermented bean curds are ready-to-eat and can be consumed with rice. A can of Temple Beans Cake is a healthy option because it is low in calories, has little fat, high in protein, and iron. Order your 180-gram can of Temple Beans Cake now.

About Hoc Guan

Hoc Guan is composed of people, particularly employees that are supportive enough in their aim to provide their customers only with high quality products to their 100% satisfaction. The company is the number one manufacturing company of fermented soy sauce and canned foods in the Philippines.

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