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Three Kings - Green Jackfruit in Brine - 10 OZ
Three Kings - Green Jackfruit in Brine - 10 OZ
Young green jackfruit is a delicious vegetable in Asian countries. Asians enjoy it sauteed with coconut milk or in salad form where they boil the green jackfruit and when tender, they drain it and incorporate it with other ingredients like coconut milk, vinegar, and more and they call it ginataang langka. You can also make a delicious adobong langka or kinilaw na langka. Canned Jackfruit is also an amazing meat substitute allowing you to make any meat dish out of it from fried, to jackfruit meatballs, and more. Enjoy a delicious langka recipe now and order your 10-oz can of Three Kings Green Jackfruit in brine.

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