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Tome - Sardines in Olive Oil with Pickle Flavor - 125 G
Tome - Sardines in Olive Oil with Pickle Flavor - 125 G

A can or pack or jar of sardines is a go-to food for busy individuals in the Philippines. One can enjoy it straight from its packaging or have it sauteed first. Others also enjoy sardines with their favorite kinds of pasta and they call it Pasta Sardines. Order your 125-grams pack of Tome Sardines in Olive Oil with pickle flavor now and enjoy its premium taste in an instant or mix it with your favorite recipe including vegetables and pasta.

Ramirez & Cia. Filhos S.A.

Ramirez & Cia. Filhos S.A. is a Portugal based company that is a pioneer in the production of canned fish products like tuna and sardines. Other than canned fish, the company is also a producer of canned salads. The company was founded in 1852 by the founder and owner Manuel Guerreiro Ramirez.

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