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Tomi Sweet Corn Snack - 110 G
Tomi Sweet Corn Snack - 110 G

Snack foods are go-to foods for snack lovers because of their availability, delicious taste, and ease of consumption. Tomi sweet corn snack is a long-time favorite snack food in the Philippines that has been in the market for decades. It is perfect for your movie nights, afternoon snack with family and friends, and even if you just want something to munch. Pair it with your favorite cold drink and you will have a delightful snack time. Order your 100-gram pack of Tomi sweet corn snacks now.

About NutriSnack

NutriSnack is a group of companies catering to the Filipino market for almost 40 years now. The company is one of the major players in the snack food industry with PeeWee, Tomi, and Loaded as their introductory products that catch the taste buds and hearts of Filipino snack lovers.

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