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Tropics - Coconut Cream - 15 OZ
Tropics - Coconut Cream - 15 OZTropics - Coconut Cream - 15 OZTropics - Coconut Cream - 15 OZTropics - Coconut Cream - 15 OZ

Tropics - Coconut Cream - 15 OZ

Coconut cream is made in the exact same way as coconut milk. It has only two ingredients: coconuts and water. First, coconut meat is shredded, then it's simmered in water to extract all the coconut goodness. The water then separates into a creamy, thick layer and a thin, more watery layer. The thick layer is packaged as coconut cream, and the thinner liquid is labeled as coconut milk. With only two ingredients (and sometimes guar gum for stabilization), coconut cream is simple to make.

About Tropics

Tropics is a popular and growing Filipino brand bringing in high quality / fresh products to the masses with many of your favorite Philippine food ingredients at very affordable prices.

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