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UFC - Canton Noodle - Pansit Kanton - 16 OZ
UFC - Canton Noodle - Pansit Kanton - 16 OZ

A pancit canton is an easy to cook type of noodle. You can enjoy one with export quality from the Philippines. You need not pre-wash, soak or whatever step before cooking. Just add it to boiling water and let the water simmer until the noodle is tender. Add your desired veggies and meats. Order your 16-oz pack of UFC Canton Noodle Pansit Kanton now.

About NurtiAsia

NutriAsia is a company started as Enriton Natural Foods, Inc. with one brand on hand known as Nelicom. The company produces different sauces from catsup to hot sauce, fish sauce, and soy sauce. As the company grows, it acquired various companies with similar products. To date, NutriAsia carries numerous brands with a plant in Cabuyao Laguna housing world-class manufacturing facilities.

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