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UFC - Mechado Ready Recipes - 200 G
UFC - Mechado Ready Recipes - 200 GUFC - Mechado Ready Recipes - 200 GUFC - Mechado Ready Recipes - 200 G

Did you find it hard to cook and achieve the distinctive taste of mechado, caldereta, menudo, and those other orange-colored tomato-based similar dishes? Worry no more because UFC Mechado Ready Recipe will help you achieve the distinctive taste or a real mechado.

About NurtiAsia

NutriAsia is a company started as Enriton Natural Foods, Inc. with one brand on hand known as Nelicom. The company produces different sauces from catsup to hot sauce, fish sauce, and soy sauce. As the company grows, it acquired various companies with similar products. To date, NutriAsia carries numerous brands with plant in Cabuyao Laguna housing world-class manufacturing facilities.

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