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Urisman - Choco Nut King Size - 24 Pieces - 8.47 OZ
Urisman - Choco Nut King Size - 24 Pieces - 8.47 OZ

Unisman Choc-Nut Peanut Milk Chocolate is a favorite of every child in the Philippines. This sweet cholatey with the distinctive taste of peanuts and has a crumbly texture making it easy to consume. Choc-Nut is proudly produced in the Philippines by Unisman and later assumed by Annie’s, also manufacturing company and was the competitor of Unisman.


  • Coconut milk
  • Crushed Peanuts
  • Cocoa Powder

About Annie’s Candy Manufacturing Corporation

Annie’s Candy Manufacturing Corporation is an entity in the Philippines that manufactures the delicious Ube Purple Yam Candy. Operating under the manufacturing sector, Annie’s Candy Manufacturing Company has headquarter and main office in Cavite City.

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