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Datu Puti - Fish Sauce (Patis) - 25.36 FL OZ / 750 ML
Datu Puti - Fish Sauce (Patis) - 25.36 FL OZ / 750 MLDatu Puti - Fish Sauce (Patis) - 25.36 FL OZ / 750 MLDatu Puti - Fish Sauce (Patis) - 25.36 FL OZ / 750 ML

Datu Puti Patis Fish Sauce 25.36 Fl OZ / 750 ML

Datu Puti Patis Regular Fish Sauce is made from 100% anchovy extract, fortified with iodine and adheres to quality and safety manufacturing standards, that provide you with the best fish sauce on the market. Many Asian countries use fish sauce as a flavor enhancer to many dishes while adding a unique saltiness to the overall dish. Since this fish sauce is intensely flavored, it is usually used in moderation or mixed with water. This sauce can be used as a dipping condiment for fish, shrimp, and meat of any kind, but also as a marinade that will give your meat and vegetables a unique Asian twist. Besides the unique flavor and taste of the fish sauce, it also imparts an umami flavor that is due to its glutamate content. Datu Puti Fish sauce guarantees the highest quality of fish sauce on the market to provide you with the best value for your money. Datu Puti Patis Regular Fish Sauce: 100% anchovy extract Dipping condiment Used for marinades Umami flavor Ingredients: Ingredients: Fish Extract, Salt and 0.1% Sodium Benzoate (As Preservative).

  • Marinade / Cook / Serve / Enjoy
  • Asian Fish Sauce
  • Product of the Philippines


    Fish Extract, Salt And 0.1% Sodium Benzoate (as Preservative).

    Nutrition Facts

    Energy 0 kcal, Protein 6.67 g, Total lipid (fat) 0.00 g, Carbohydrate, by difference 0.00 g, Sodium, Na 8133 mg

    About Datu Puti:

    Created by Hernan Reyes in 1975, Datu Puti is the pioneer in the vinegar industry. It has become synonymous to quality and superior, delicious sourness, making Datu Puti the #1 vinegar brand in the country. To date, Datu Puti has established itself as a megabrand of condiments with the addition of Datu Puti Soy Sauce, Datu Puti Fish Sauce, Datu Puti Oysterrific Oyster Sauce, Datu Puti BBQrrific Barbecue Marinade, and Datu Puti Adobo Series. Beloved by generations of Filipinos, Datu Puti is a trusted household name and an indispensable partner in creating great-tasting dishes for the family.

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