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Datu Puti - Sukang Iloko - Sugarcane Vinegar
Datu Puti - Sukang Iloko - Sugarcane VinegarDatu Puti - Sukang Iloko - Sugarcane Vinegar

Enjoy authentic Pinoy condiment with Datu Puti Sukang Iloko Sugarcane Vinegar. If you are an Ilokano or love to try Ilokano tastes, then you should try this Pinoy vinegar out. It is made of fermented vinegar with Pinoy spices for an authentic taste.

About Datu Puti

Datu Puti is a brand by Nutri Asia, founded by Hernan Reyes in 1975. The company is a pioneer in making white vinegar and with its quality, it became the number brand in vinegar. Today, Datu Puti became a megabrand in the condiment market with its numerous additions including oyster sauce, barbecue marinade, adobo series, and the premium selection.

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