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Jufran Banana Sauce - Hot 🌶️
Jufran Banana Sauce - Hot 🌶️Jufran Banana Sauce - Hot 🌶️Jufran Banana Sauce - Hot 🌶️Jufran Banana Sauce - Hot 🌶️

Jufran Banana Sauce - Hot! 🌶️

  • Banana Sauce (non-fat) - Hot Version
  • Unique Filipino sauce
  • Use it on all your grilled or fried foods, or use it as a great dip
  • The Perfect Choice, Vegan
  • Product of the Philippines
  • Available in 12 OZ & 19.8 OZ

Banana ketchup or banana sauce is a popular Philippine fruit ketchup condiment made from mashed banana, sugar, vinegar, and spices. Its natural color is brownish-yellow, but it is often dyed red to resemble tomato ketchup. Banana ketchup was first produced in the Philippines during World War II, due to a lack of tomatoes and a comparatively high production of bananas.

In Filipino households, this condiment is used on many assorted dishes - omelettes (torta), hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, fish, charcoal-grilled pork barbecue and chicken skewers, fried chicken and other meats. It is exported to countries and territories where there is a considerable Filipino population (United States, Spain, Canada, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Hong Kong, France, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, and United Arab Emirates).

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