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Kamayan - Soy Sauce - 750 ML
Kamayan - Soy Sauce - 750 ML

Soy sauce is a popular condiment in liquid form and is of Chinese origin. Many love using it as a dip on their fried and grilled dishes. Others are adding some vinegar, and chili for a twist and added taste. Many Filipino dishes are using soy sauce and one example is adobo. It is also used for the marinade. Grab your 750-ml bottle of Kamayan Soy Sauce now and enjoy its many uses.

About Golden Hands Manufacturing Corporation

Golden Hands Manufacturing, Corp. is a company in the Philippines with an office in Santos Industrial Compound in Malabon City, Philippines. It is founded in 1992 doing the traditional food processing. Today, the company has already upgraded its technology serving Filipinos abroad carrying the label Kamayan and Golden Hands.

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