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McCormick - Langka Flavor Extract - (20 ML)
McCormick - Langka Flavor Extract - (20 ML)McCormick - Langka Flavor Extract - (20 ML)

McCormick - Langka Flavor Extract - (20 ML))

Jackfruit scientifically known as Artocarpus heterophyllius, lam, locally known as “nangka” or “langka” is a favorite dessert of Filipinos. It is one of the most widely grown fruit crops in the Philippines. It was reported that this fruit is one of the famous in the world because it produces the largest edible fruit that weighs as much as 50kg. Many people believe that the leaves of the jackfruit tree can cure skin diseases.

The bast of the tree is utilized in making rope and clothing. Cebuanos use the wood of the jackfruit tree in making excellent guitars and ukeleles, that’s why jackfruit orchards are becoming increasingly popular in Cebu. More and more farmers are becoming aware of the versatility of the jackfruit and they are exploring still other possible uses for it.

Aside from food, the jackfruit is also used for commercial and noncommercial purposes. The fruit, trunk, leaves, and roots can be utilized for household use or can be processed commercially. The trunk can be used as lumber or building material. The leaves can be used as medicine, fodder for animals, and compost. It latex can be used as paste or glue.

The seeds can be used as food, for human consumption, feeds or planting materials while the roots can be used as handle for farm implements. Jackfruit grows best in deep, sandy loam to clay loam soils of medium fertility with good drainage. Fertility of the soils of medium fertility with good drainage. Fertility of the soil should be considered because of the rapid exhaustion of soil nutrients taken by the plants.

The ideal pH of the soil for jackfruit ranges from 5 to 6.5. Distinct variations have been observed by the National Seed Industry council in Los Baños, Laguna and the Mandaue Experiment Station in Cebu 


    Water, Alcohol (34%), Natural and Artificial Flavors, and FD&C Yellow 5.

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