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McCormick - Pandan Extract - (20 ML)
McCormick - Pandan Extract - (20 ML)

McCormick - Pandan Extract - (20 ML)


Buco Pandan flavor, a delicious variant from the Philippines. Good for your desserts or pastries.

Pandan Flavor

Pandan flavor of Mccormick is an aroma that many in the Philippines use for making desserts such as Buco Pandan or Buko Pandan as it is also written, is a popular Filipino Dessert. This is traditionally made of young coconut and pandan leaves. The dessert contains green jelly with a slight pandan taste, there are also often tapioca pearls added. The Pandan flavor of Mccormick extracts the Filipino cuisine at your home and is easy to use. You can simply use the aroma in your own pastry, cake, ice cream, mousse dessert or as a seasoning in a drink or cocktail. The Aroma is easy to close and can be saved for a long time. Several other flavors are also available from Mccormick as the ube, buco pandan, mango aromas, but also make sure you try the aromas of Singh.


Pandan is a tropical plant. The plant rarely occurs in the wild but is specially grown for oriental cuisine. The pandan plant flowers rarely and is referred to by means of cuttings multiplied. Pandan leaves are often dried or fresh used in various Thai and Indonesian dishes. The pandan leaves give a somewhat nutty flavor, this is often compared to pistachio. The leaves are often freshly soaked in coconut milk so that the taste of the pandan easy in the Court.


Water, Alcohol (34%), Natural and Artificial Flavors, and FD&C Yellow 5.

About McCormick

An American food company that manufactures, markets, and distributes spices, seasoning mixes, condiments, and other flavoring products for the industrial, restaurant, institutional, and home markets.

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