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By: Royal
Royal - Rich & Thick - Spaghetti Sauce - Sweet Style - 1 KG
Royal - Rich & Thick - Spaghetti Sauce - Sweet Style - 1 KG

Enjoy that sweet-tasting spaghetti easily with a pack of Royal Rich Thick Spaghetti Sauce Sweet Style. The 1 kg pack will give your 1kg spaghetti pasta an invitingly sweet spaghetti taste that is less sour with a hint of salt. Add your favorite spaghetti ingredients like meat, hotdog, some cheese, herbs, and spices, and enjoy.

About RFM Corporation

RFM Corporation is a company in the Philippines established in 1958. RFM is one of the pioneers in the flour-milling business. To date, the company is one of the biggest food and beverage companies in the country with numerous brands including Royal, Fiesta, White King, Selecta, Selecta Fortified, Selecta Moo, and Sunkist.

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