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Sunlee Brand - Egg Roll Sauce - Lumpia Sauce - 750 ML
Sunlee Brand - Egg Roll Sauce - Lumpia Sauce - 750 ML

Have you found the perfect dip for your lumpiang shanghai or spring rolls or egg rolls yet? Stop looking for the best sauce dip now because Sunlee Egg Roll Sauce is here to complete your spring roll and other fried dishes experience complete. Order your 750-ml bottle of Sunlee Egg Roll Sauce now and enjoy it with your fried fish, pork, lechon, and more.

About Sunlee Inc.

Sun Lee Inc is a company in California USA founded by Mr. Johnny Lee, a Thai national that moved to the USA in 1980. As an immigrant, Mr. Lee does not like the quality of the Thai food market in the area, and thus decided to invest and bring in a piece of his home to his new community in 1982.

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