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Tentay - Patis - Special Fish Sauce - 750ml
Tentay - Patis - Special Fish Sauce - 750ml

Add flavor to your meals by having some Tentay Patis or fish sauce to it. Fish sauce is popular in the Philippines to add taste and aroma to various dishes. It is also a popular dipping sauce in combination with kalamansi, black pepper, and pepper. Fish sauce is also a favorite to add flavor to the popular comfort food among Filipinos called Lugaw or rice porridge. Order your 1L oz bottle of Tentay Patis Special Fish Sauce now.

About Tentay Food Sauces, Inc.

Tentay Food Sauces, Inc. is a company in the Philippines founded by a housewife named Ruperta D. Javier in 1949. She started with fish sauce or patis and fish paste or bagoong from their fish hauls from the port of Navotas. Proud of her creation she named her products Tentay which is her nickname.

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