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TI Ilocano - Salted Fish Sauce - Monamon - 12 OZ
TI Ilocano - Salted Fish Sauce - Monamon - 12 OZ
Bagoong is a staple in the majority of Filipino Households.It has various uses from dips to sour fruits like green mango, chicharon, and other popular finger foods. In addition, it is also a perfect dip for steamed saba - a kind of banana in the Philippines. Some also use fish sauce or bagoong in some vegetable dishes like pinakbet, a popular dish for Ilocanos or those residing in the northern part of Luzon like Ilocos. It is also a delicious ingredient for the delicious Filipino meat dish binagoongan. Order your 12-oz jar of Ti Ilocano Salted Fish Sauce Monamon now.

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